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Angol 6.

Mindig ismételd a szavakat és a rendhagyó igék múlt idejét!

Revision – Unit 3

1.Gyakorold a szavak használatát!

A) Complete the sentences. Choose from these words.

broke – forgot – left – lost – missed – stole

    1. Dave __________ his sunglasses when he was on holiday.
    2. Anna was late and we __________ the train.
    3. I __________ my arm when I was on holiday last week.
    4. Dad __________ his passport and we went home to get it.
    5. Kate __________ her camera in a restaurant last night.
    6. A man __________ my mum’s bag when we were in the street.


B) Match the beginnings of the sentences 1–6 with the endings A–F.

1.Someone stole

2. My sister fell over and

3. My brother missed

4. I felt seasick

5. We forgot our map and

6. A dog

A. we got lost.

B. broke her arm.

C. on the boat journey.

D. the plane.

E. bit my hand.

F. my passport.


2.Ismételd az igék múlt idejű alakjait!

Mf. 32.o.3., 4.


3.Egészítsd ki a kérdő mondatokat a következő szavakkal!

Did – How – What – When – Where – Who

Tim     (1) __________ did you go for your holiday?
Julie    We went to Greece. We stayed in campsites by the sea.
Tim     (2) __________ did you go with?
Julie    I went with Sarah and her brother.
Tim     (3) __________ did you travel?
Julie    We flew to Athens, and then we took a coach.
Tim     (4) __________ you have a good time?
Julie    Yes, we did. We had a great time.
Tim     (5) __________ did you do there?
Julie    We went swimming every day. We also went sailing.
Tim     (6) __________ did you get home?
Julie    Yesterday.

 A munkafüzeti feladatokat küldjétek el hétfőig!